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Amy & Matt’s beautiful Melbourne Wedding Reception

Amy and MattWedding

The gods were smiling on this day, it was a beautiful, sunny Melbourne day on Saturday 11th March 2017. The perfect setting for Amy and Matt’s beautiful Melbourne wedding reception.

The Wattle Park Chalet’s Grand Hall looked beautiful with rows of fairy lights between the banisters above head for that extra sparkle. The wedding couple chose to add some splashes of colour with Australian native flowers and ivy rolled along the stems of the wrought iron candelabra centerpieces.

Amy and Matt had a “cheese cake” as opposed to a traditional wedding cake as this was more in keeping with their taste buds! The cheese wheels were decorated with native flowers and berries. Everywhere your eyes wandered in the wedding reception venue, there were little touches of their personalities.

There were 2 old suitcases for cards and a world map as a guide to their seating arrangement to show their love of travel.

We wish Amy and Matt a beautiful  and long life together and all the health and happiness for the years ahead.


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