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Anthea and Brandon’s Winter Melbourne Wedding

A cold and rainy night for the gorgeous couple wasn’t enough to damper their spirits on their wedding day. Getting to the chalet early in the evening both Andrea and Brandon got some stunning photo’s in the Chalet’s garden and the surrounds of the 130 acre Wattle Park. It was just in time too with the rain starting almost as soon the bridal party entered the building. With the rain persisting for most of the night, the wedding festivities were held well and truly indoors, in the grand hall of the historic Wattle Park Chalet. But first more photos! For the second week running there was a photo booth set up and for the second week running it was constantly filled with people taking all sorts of silly shots of themselves. Soon after, the guests began arriving and food and drinks were taken around by the staff. The menu featured the always popular mini burgers, King prawns with paw paw salad, and sour beet and goat cheese pastries. The hot food was unsurprisingly very popular tonight with everyone trying to warm up their bellies. After everyone had got settled and had a bite to eat, they were seated and the reception began. First off was the introduction of Anthea & Brandon, they came in eyes full of love and despite all the attention and applause, the two only had eyes for each other. Not wasting anytime, cake cutting and the first dance was next up on the agenda. Following this the photo booth was officially opened and the only thing that could drag the guests away from this was the entrée’s being served and even then it wasn’t easy. The speeches started right after and continued what seemed to be all night only broken up by the serving of meals and the dancing, and there was lots of dancing. One of my own personal favourite points was Brandon’s surprise serenade to his lovely wife in the center of the dance floor. This was definitely a crowd and Anthea favourite with lots of wolf whistles and a well-deserved thank you to top it off. This unfortunately brought us to the end of the night but even the farewell was filled with excitement with just about every guest waving a lit sparkler and giving a guard of honor as the beautiful couple walked out and off to their honeymoon.

by Simon Bilston

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