Bianca & Tosh’s Melbourne Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

Bianca and Tosh’s family and friends they’ve met throughout their lives arrived from all over the world and The Chalet was set up perfectly to celebrate the travel-loving and adventurous couple’s Melbourne wedding reception.

The room was lit by the soft glow of fairy lights hanging across the room, buntings with the words “best day ever” and extravagant garlands of vines and roses hung from the balcony and laid along the bridal table. The deep fuchsia amaranth draped graciously from the deep green vines and contrasted beautifully with the crisp white of the table linen.

Vintage hat cases and suitcases covered in stickers from around the world was stacked up as the pedestal for their gorgeous two tiered wedding cake. The top tier was dusted in delicate metallic orange dust, the lower tier was covered with intricately tiny white sugar flowers, and the two were tied together by red and orange roses.

When the bridal party walked through the double doors, the reaction from the crowd was electric. They all stood, cheered and clapped to the music. Some even broke out dancing from the excitement! Throughout the night, the connection between Bianca and Tosh was unmissable. The romance through the cake cutting, the first dance, and even their speeches was intoxicatingly charming. It was inspiring to see how much they admired, appreciated, cared for and loved each other.

After a night of dancing, the guests took home a small bag of popcorn from a suitcase by the door with the sign “Thanks for poppin’ by!”. It was a sweet end to such a delightful night and the perfect way for Bianca and Tosh to start their next chapter of their life together back in Melbourne. Congratulations to the beautiful couple (and to Tosh for his new job). We wish them all the joy for the years ahead.

by Nana Shiraishi

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