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Kylie & Brendon’s summer night at our unique Melbourne wedding venue

The gorgeous summer weather managed to last just one more night, and what a night it was for this beautiful Melbourne wedding at our unique Melbourne wedding venue!

Starting in the late afternoon Kylie and Brendon’s night was one to be remembered as the beautiful couple celebrated the beginning of their life together  as husband and wife.

The ceremony was held in the Wattle Park Chalet’s beautiful private garden and the couple pledged their love to each other on the top of the stairs with numerous of welcoming onlookers. A truly beautiful ceremony with a large number of impressive decorations (My personal favourite was the “Tips” sign) capped off by the stunning lights display from Shananan Events. With the weather being as wonderful as it was it was no surprise that no one wanted to leave the garden to be seated in the Grand Hall.

As the guests stood outside soaking up the sun the staff brought around some lovely canapes. The menu included the mouth-watering prawns with mango salad in a Chinese spoon. As always no one could get enough and the chefs were sent many compliments.

The group then headed inside to enjoy, amongst other things, the Father of the brides speech. One of my own favourites he had everyone laughing and one very red-faced couple.

After entrees everyone’s favorite couple had their own speeches and they didn’t disappoint. While less amusing than her fathers, the bride’s speech was just as enjoyable and very heartfelt.

Mains followed this and as they were being eaten the guests were once again treated to a very funny speech, this time from close friends of the beautiful couple. After another round of laughter and varying degrees of embarrassment from guests all around the room the wedding ended as all good weddings do. With everyone up on their feet and dancing around the couple as the night grew.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple and may you  enjoy the rest of your lives together!

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