Steph & Jason at our Historic Wedding Venue

The atmosphere of Steph and Jason’s wedding reception was straight out of a fairy tale at this historic wedding venue. Long tables, with beautiful pockets of flowers and cutlery perfectly in line, were lit in soft candlelight and chains of fairy lights glowing over the whole room.

The bride’s maids were dressed in elegant maroon a-line dresses with lace shoulders, with simple but extravagant pearl pendant and matching earrings. Their hair was neatly combed in vintage pinup style and their gleaming smiles were accentuated by the bright red lipstick. The girls held bouquets with king proteases, round eucalyptus leaves and delicate baby’s breaths. The groom’s men were all stunning in their grey three piece suits and slick maroon ties to match the bride’s maids. Jason looked handsome in his white waistcoat and tie. Most importantly the bride, Steph, with her lace sheath dress and bright red lipstick, nailed the classic Hollywood actress look.

Their first dance was to “I Will” by The Beatles, which was just the perfect song for Steph and Jason’s vintage style wedding. Swinging in each other’s arms and taking turns twirling each other under their arms, they quietly sang the romantic lyrics to each other.

After the guests joined Steph and Jason on the dance floor, they were all ready to dance. The DJ played some Italian wedding classics that made Jason’s family spring out to the middle of the dancefloor. Then, the DJ played The Zorba. Steph’s Greek family took charge of the dance floor of this historic wedding venue. The dance circle grew as everyone joined in, and it almost spilled out of the dance floor. Smaller dance circles popped up and some circled around the tables. The guests, all holding hands, danced the night away. They filled the hall of The Chalet with sparkling energy.

By Nana Shirashi

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