Gianni and Ashley’s Melbourne park wedding

The good weather that had lasted so many weeks gave up just in time for Gianni and Ashely night – but this was not about to dampen the spirit of this beautiful Melbourne park wedding, and it was smiles all round at the Wattle Park Chalet.
The beautiful couple had everyone’s gaze and how could they not with how amazing they looked. The gorgeous couple were inundated with well-wishers in between their photos which were taken all around the chalet and even sneaking out to the park during patches where the weather cleared up.

While this was all happening the DJ began to play and the drink service began. There’s something about being inside while rain is coming down against the windows, but it was never a better vibe than tonight. With a great DJ and even better guests everyone was enjoying the delicious food being brought around. Once everyone had eaten their due and congratulated the beautiful couple it was to the tables to watch the cutting of the cake. This cake was definitely one of the more “interesting” cakes I’ve personally seen featuring a very suggestive doll couple.

The guests and staff alike all managed to get a laugh out of it. After the cake cutting and a LOT of glass tapping, Entrees were served. Tonight’s couple, Gianni and Ashley, had chosen to have their own table for two set up and as soon as they finished their delicious entrees (their words not mine!). The couple and guests alike rose to firstly clap on the first dance and then to join in. Yet again there were smiles all around just showing what good spirits everyone was in. Unfortunately the dancing had to stop just so everyone could enjoy their mains but soon enough the celebrations were back in order this time with the start of the speeches.

It was hard to pick a favourite here but the bride of the father despite not speaking English had everyone in tears of laughter with the help of his translator on the evening. A very well-rehearsed and well executed speech it was easily one of my favourites of the year. The night continued with more dancing and laughing until everyone was distracted by the re-arrival of the cake this time in a more edible form. It was a short break however with everyone wanting to get back up and dance the night away, and that they did until eventually, the lovely couple departed to their hotel. Another beautiful night was a great success and every guest there went home with a smile though none bigger than the groom himself.


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