Andrea & Jeremy’s Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Andrea and Jeremy’s wedding was the perfect celebration of their fairy-tale romance. Their closest friends and family gathered in the sunny and green garden of the Wattle Park Chalet. Their excitement built as a peaceful piano rendition of Christina Perri’s “1000 years” started to play. One by one, the flower girl, then the maid of honour, walked through the grand hall of the Chalet, enjoying a rare and reflective moment before entering the sunshine for the ceremony to begin. It was a serene moment when Andrea walked through the chalet with her father towards her wedding, to her soon-to-be husband, through a room that will soon be the stage of her wedding reception. There was a sense of finality, that everything they worked on had led up to just this moment, but it was overwhelmed by the sense of excitement for Andrea and Jeremy to start their life together, officially as husband and wife.

During the speeches, they told their love story. They met while they were both living in London, throwing themselves out to the unknown. Amongst the struggles of living abroad, they found each other while working on a cruise ship. “She’s my best friend, she’s my rock” Jeremy told us proudly. Andrea giggled and hesitated with happy disbelief when she addressed Jeremy as “my husband” which, of course, received applause and cheers from her guests. Hearing their story and seeing them celebrate their relationship, I could see that they were truly a perfect couple. They clearly enjoyed each other’s company but they also had a very strong bond that made them a great team.

The rest of their night was filled with fun. They danced and sung in circles wish their friends from all over the world. This couple is truly blessed and I wish them all the best for all the adventures they will encounter as husband and wife.

By Nana Shiraishi

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