Angela & Jeff’s Melbourne Winter wedding

Standing at the entrance, waiting for the bridal car to arrive at the Eastern Suburbs wedding venue, all I could think about was the weather! Ensuring we were prepared for anything, I had already organised the setup of both the garden and inside ceremony options. As the bridal car arrived there was blue sky on one side and dark clouds on the other. Typical Melbourne!
Of course, the photographer wanted to take some photos of our beautiful bride, Angela arriving in the car before we went down to the garden. So I patiently waited whilst watching the radar on my phone, knowing we had a 50/50 chance of rain.

Directing the bridal car down to our iconic ivy covered garden gate the rain was still holding, however with more photos and then realising Angela’s brother who was walking her down the aisle was missing his tie, another 10 minutes went by.
We made the decision to move inside just before the rain arrived. If rain is supposed to bring luck then these two will have all the luck in the world as it then poured as I walked back up the path to find the driver to move the car back around to the front door. It is such a great feeling knowing the change of ceremony location was seamless due to our careful planning and preparations behind the scenes. They were dry & finally ready to walk down the aisle!

As fast as the rain came, it lasted just as long. By the time the ceremony was over the rain had ceased and the sun had come out for photos both inside the chalet and out and it was so the guests all went out to the garden for canapes and drinks – in the sunshine!
Angela’s metalic second dress was aperfect fit for their bridal dance to a unique choice of song “Nothing else Matters” by Metallica. It was a perfect fit for them andnthe song meant something which means it will be a memory they will both hold that much dearer.
These 2 wanted a low-key lunch reception surrounded by loved ones and they had exactly that. This was so they could continue to an “after parry” in the evening which is an idea we all loved! Everyone will look amazing in the lunch reception photos and then you can all let your hair down later on – what a perfect idea!
Good luck you two xo

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