Karlie & Lachlan’s April Wedding

There is nothing like an Autumn wedding in Melbourne, and Karlie and Lachlan’s April wedding is proof of that.  As the leaves change colour Wattle Park becomes the picturesque landscape most couples dream of. Karlie and Lachlan’s closest friends and family gathered in the private garden to celebrate the love and happiness of the couple. As the the bridal cars pulled up, excitement built and it was not long until Karlie was making her way down the isle to her soon to be husband.  The Grand hall was adorned with stunning floral arrangements and copper lights. The beautiful three tiered naked cake was a spectacle on its own, drawing the attention of not only the guests, but the staff at Wattle Park Chalet too!  The ceiling was covered with thousands of hanging fairy and festoon lights, making the space feel truly magical.

During the speeches, the Best Man, Shannon, spoke of Lachlan’s former years. This included many funny anecdotes from their history together, causing many laughs from guests and a few embarrassing moments for Lachlan.  The couple then shared their love story, with Lachlan stating he “knew Karlie was the one from the first date,” and how being together makes him want to strive to “be a better man.” Karlie was also very open in sharing memories and jokes, stating she loves Lachlans “dorky, Dad side,” causing laughter and cheers to fill the room.

Witnessing the couple together, it was undeniable that they were meant for one another. The love, respect, and friendship they shared was truly special to see. The night was filled with dancing, laughter and celebrations, ending with a sparkler exit through The Chalet garden. The perfect ending, to a magical night.

Sarah Shallcross

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