Autumn is finally here, and if you ask Maritza and Stephen, there is no better time to get married at The Wattle Park Chalet. Their wedding went off without a hitch, with the beautiful backdrop to Wattle Park in the fall.

It was clear from the beginning that this wedding would not be your typical celebration. With Maritza’s Columbian heritage and Stephen’s New Zealand background, we knew this would not be a night to forget.

The night was filled with love and support from the couples’ family and friends, however the real show stopper of the night was Stephen’s family performing a traditional Haka, followed by traditional Columbian dancers, it was truly spectacular!

The speeches were filled with the love story of Maritza and Stephen, including a few laughs at each other’s expense, which only added to the evening, carrying on throughout the night with all guests dancing, laughing and singing together all night long.

It would be wrong not to mention our little friend Eli, Stephen son, who became my shadow over the course of this wedding and the days leading up to the occasion. Very excited and keen to be involved, Eli became my unofficial little helper. Thanks Eli!

The evening was capped off with a stunning sparkler farewell though the back garden of Wattle Park Chalet. A picturesque end to the picturesque romance of Maritza and Stephen.

By Sarah Shallcross

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