Plan Your Wedding

Welcome to the Wattle Park Chalet Wedding Planning Guide

“Where do I start?”

There is just so much information out there about weddings that it can be difficult to know where to start.

This planning page has been specifically designed for your wedding at the Wattle Park Chalet. It acts as a guide and is the starting point to organising and planning your special day.

When we hold our “Confirmation of Details” appointment no later than 2 months in advance of your wedding date, we will go over a lot of information about your wedding day with you so it pays to be organised and decide on these details early. All of this information is important to us to execute the event properly.  

Once this appointment has taken place it is really important for you to finalise the details with your suppliers such as your photographer, band/ DJ, florist, videographer etc. Please find details of some of the potential suppliers to your wedding at this link Our Friends.

Please email us the following details once you have compiled your final decisions and plans:

  • Guest and dietary seating list (this includes a list of all attending guests in order of where they are sitting & those with dietary requirements)
  • Finalised running sheet (including times finalised with your other suppliers)
  • Completed ceremony layout map 
  • Completed reception layout map (this should match the guest list provided above)
  • Completed COD (Confirmation Of Details) form

Garden Wedding Ceremonies

The Wattle Park Chalet provides 24 white Americana chairs for your garden wedding ceremony (6 rows of 4 or 4 rows of 6 is recommended)

We also supply a signing table with white linen and 2 chairs.

garden-ceremony map

Garden layout above: Please mark where you’d like your 24 chairs and signing table to be positioned

When selecting a celebrant, it may pay to ensure they have their own sound equipment for the ceremony, including a portable sound system for music and a microphone.

The garden is always open so rehearsals can be done anytime. But please call us to confirm that there is nothing else going on at The Chalet at your planned rehearsal time.

If you are planning extra decorations, we ask that they are brought and setup early on the wedding day (or the day before the wedding, if that date is available) so mix-ups do not occur. You are free to come into the garden and do measurements and plan your decorations at most times. (please check that there is no other event happening before you come)

Room Layout


The dance floor: 3.54m x 9.84m
The distance between mezzanine balconies: 13.14m
Length and width of Grand Hall: 8.92m x 18.09m
Length and width of alcove: 2.95m x 14.16m
Balcony dimensions each: 8.92m x 2.30m

Please edit the below pictures or draw your layout and email it to with the rest of your final details.

The grand hall can fit a maximum of 19 ROUND TABLES and 4 in the alcove.
Each table (1.65m diameter) fits up to 12 guests (10-11 comfortable).

circle-room-layout-under 172 guests

Above: for under 172 guests. (Remove Table 13 and 14 if under 148 guests)

circle-room-layout max 200 guests

Above: Up to 200 guests

Each row of LONG TABLES at the front half seats 22 each. The back rows of long tables seat 26 each.
We can also make 2 more smaller tables of 8 guests.

A bridal table of 8-10 can fit at the front of the room.
Each individual table section is 1.2m x 1.8m.

long room layout

Above: generally up to 120 guests (ask us if you’d like to add more with long tables)
Please make sure to clearly label your guests names for long table setup.


It is better to assign guest seating – this helps everything run smoother. For allergies or special diets, we will need their names and the table they are seated at.


We provide a wooden seating easel and frame that fits A2/A3 size paper or 4 A4 sheets.

When doing the seating chart for each table, treat the top name on the list like 12 o’clock (refer to map) and order it down the list going clockwise around the table. This makes placing bomboniere’s and finding guests seats easier.

Catering and Schedule Times

Here is an example of how meal times can be structured:

– Canapes – Lasts 30 mins to 45 mins
– 15min for guests to be seated & the bridal entrance*
– Entrees Served- Eat for 20 minutes then clear entrees
– Gap of ~45 minutes- mingling, speeches, bridesmaids & groomsmen could speak here
– Main Served- Eat for 40 minutes then clear mains
– Gap of 20-30 minutes for maid of honour, best man, and bride and groom speeches, cake cutting and first dance.
– Dessert served and tea and coffee service
– Bouquet and/or garter toss
– Bar closes 15 minutes before function ends. Taxi’s can be ordered on request. (Water is available until everyone has left the building)

*Some people do cake cutting & the first dance done before entrees.

Running Sheet

When creating your running sheet for your wedding reception, base your times around the food. Crew usually get meals immediately after guests.

Don’t stress if timing isn’t perfect, guests eat at different rates and some might finish their meals later than others. Speeches also tend to run longer than expected, but we will do our best to work around and catch up to the schedule.

It’s also better to budget the timings earlier than later. That way, formalities are finished earlier and if anything runs late, there’s time to catch up. In our experience, entrees sometimes tend to run 10-15 mins longer than planned while mains and desserts mostly run on time.

Timing Advice

It comes down to where you want speeches and dancing. If you want 45 minutes of dancing early on, have it during the gap between entree and main, and have speeches while everyone is eating mains. It is generally OK for speeches and meals to be together at the same time, this way you get more dancing time.


One of the big set pieces of your wedding will be the speeches. You generally want to make sure speeches other than the bride and groom’s run no more than 5 minutes each. Simply, keep them interesting, relevant, short and sweet. Topics can include: how you first met, first impressions, first dates, common interests, funny pet peeves, meeting the parents, holidays and trips, the engagement, how you knew you both were meant to be, wishes for the future, thanks to travelling guests etc.


Please email your final menu at least 2 weeks before your wedding date with final numbers and special meal requirements. You cannot reduce your guest numbers after you have given us the final numbers.


We do our best to give dietary guests similar food to everyone by just altering it for their needs.
We also need to the know the severity of their dietary needs. Examples, nut allergy, coeliac, pregnant diet, diabetic etc.


For Weddings, wines, beers and soft drinks are done with table service for guests. Drinks are not permitted on the dance floor, or outside of our licensed areas.

We abide by all Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines to make sure everyone has a fun and safe night.

Spirits are available during the seated duration of the function for our Gold package, and will need to be ordered through your waiter or at the bar.

The bar closes 15 minutes before the end of each function, giving time for guests to have a glass of water, say goodbyes etc. We can help you order Taxi’s (expect delays on weekends). Water is always available to all guests at all times at the venue.

No alcohol is allowed to leave the Wattle Park Chalet.

Table Decor and Centrepieces


Our table numbers are available for you to use. If you have a special theme and font, you are welcome to bring your own table numbers.

We have a number of small wooden easels and metal ring stands for table numbers. We also have a number of mini chalk board stands for you to use as well.


Bonbonniere are your small party favours for guests to take home as a way to remember your wedding.

For bonbonniere ideas, go to:

When making placecards, you could stick or tie them to the bonbonniere. When you deliver your bonbonnieres, make sure you group them into small containers for each table before you bring them to the venue. This makes setting the tables quicker when placing them on tables.


Our centerpieces are designed as good bases for your florist to help style your overall wedding. You can use any and all of our centerpieces and mix and match if you like.

Wrought Iron 5 tier Candelabras

Most popular choice because it is ready to use as is. Can be decorated with vines, ivy, base wreath etc.

Tall Glass Cylindrical vases

Great for putting tall sticks and vines as well as creating a tall floral water feature for your table. The vases give great height to your table settings.

Hurricane (10) and Small vases (20)

Our small vases are great to hold your bridal bouquets as well as use as centerpieces with your flowers.

Small glass jars and bottles (44)

Our range of glass jars are great for small flowers that will add to your overall table setting. Great in bunches of 3 by themselves or mixed with your own bigger centerpiece

When designing the decorations for the tables, please bear in mind that there needs to be enough space for wines, water jugs, side bowls, plates etc.

Our centrepiece items cannot leave the chalet, any decorations or flowers using our centerpieces must happen on the event day (or on the previous day, if available).


The wooden Mahogany Chiavari Chairs were specially chosen to fit the Chalet’s aesthetic. This leaves you with some choices on decor:

1. Plain Chairs – Stylish on their own
2. Plain Chair with sash- Customise with some colour
3. White Chair covers and sashes- For that really white wedding look.

Please head to our wedding receptions page for our range of sash colours

Adding cushions are $3 each. They add style and comfort to the wedding.

Lighting and Hanging Decor

There are ways to customize the chalet with lighting so that you can make it match your theme.

Festoon lighting is the most popular choice at the Chalet with string lights being permitted to be hung from one balcony to the other. This costs roughly at $600 for setup and pack up. Ask your event manager to get you a quote for this option.

DIY decorations are also permitted as long it is tied, hung or on the ground. Nothing is to be screwed or stuck with sticky tape (or anything else) to the walls.

The Wattle Park Chalet is a heritage listed property. It is a valuable public asset, so please help us look after it for when our kids and their kids get married! Please only use existing hooks or rails to hang things. We have hooks in the alcove many couples have used in the past to hang a string of pegged photos of their adventures together for their guests to look at throughout the reception.

Setup Day

Even though you have use of the Chalet on your Wedding Day only, we try our best to offer you a maximum of 2 hours on the previous day for set up (if there are no bookings on that day).

This is a time when you can decorate and style the Chalet yourself the way you like it. But we would ask that you limit your presence at the chalet for a maximum of 2 hours only – so that we can get on with the job of getting ready for your wedding.

If we have an event or you can’t come on the day before, make sure you give us very clear instructions for set up. You will need to brief and organise your decoration team* to come with your florist on the morning of the wedding day for any extra setup. For set ups that are elaborate and overly time consuming, you may need to hire a theming person to do the job on the morning of your function.

*The decoration team (or Bride’s Army) could consist of aunties and uncles, cousins and other friends who can help setup on the day. We advise that you brief them and give them a list and map to work from.

Cleanup and Pickup

When your event time finishes, it means the music is turned off (and the bar will be closed 15 mins before that time). This doesn’t mean you have to leave right away. You can take your time at the end to pack up but please be aware that our staff will be cleaning up around you. We also ask that you or your relatives take home any gifts or valuables so they aren’t left at the Chalet as we take no responsibility for their safety.

Flowers can be offered to guests to take home. For other decorations, please arrange with your event manager about when to pick them up or if you’d like anything disposed of. If flowers are left behind, they will be disposed off on the night.



On the wedding day, a few suppliers will come to setup in the room (florist, band, photo-booth etc).

Your decoration team will also be coming if the Chalet isn’t available the day before. They will be decorating the room and the garden if required.

We would prefer if florists do not prepare or cut flowers inside the Chalet. We recommend that flowers are already tied and bunched to size. If you will be needing our vases or jars, and flowers have to be prepared in the room, we ask that the florists clean up and bag their rubbish.


When choosing a cake, choose a cake that doesn’t melt. Your cake will generally be on display for at least 4 hours and you want to make sure it looks perfect (ice cream cakes and cheese towers are not ideal). We also recommend choosing a sturdy tier cake. This is so the cake can be easily moved come cake cutting time and doesn’t distort or topple while moving the table to the center of the room.

In the past, we’ve also had fake cakes on the cake table with the real cake slab given to the kitchen. This makes it easier because we can pre-cut it and serve it faster. Also, we won’t have the trouble of awkwardly weaving through guests when we bring the cake to the kitchen.

Another cake choice is to have a cupcake tower or a crockenbush. If you are choosing this option, please make sure the stand is sturdy and strong for when we move the cake for cake cutting. When we serve the cake, we place cake platters on guest tables. Please ask your cake supplier for cake bags for guests to take home. We can also individually plate the cakes. Please note though that this will incur a cost. Cake must be brought and setup on the Wedding Day. The Chalet does not store nor take responsibility for cake setup. Cakes are not to be decorated in the room. The table for the cake will be in the room. Please make sure you indicate on the running sheet or COD form the type of cake and if you’d like to take home the top of the cake.


MC and musician/s generally arrive around 2 hours before the start time to setup and sound check. Please make sure they have a running sheet.

Go through with the musicians/DJ the songs you do and don’t want played. They can set the mood and tone of the room. Please also make sure they know about musical cues and when they are needed.

You are welcome to use our sound system, but our staff aren’t able to DJ your event. Professional DJ’s are great and tend to have their own high quality equipment and lights. If you are forgoing a DJ or musician, we suggest you have a tech savvy friend to be your DJ so everything goes perfectly.

If you are having a band or DJ, we recommend you place them on the mezzanine balcony. Their equipment will be safe, no one will trip on cords and it leaves you more dancing room in the function space. Best of all, the speakers will be sufficiently far from your guests so no speakers will be blaring in anyone’s ears.


MC’s are also an important and personal part of your day. That’s why we recommend that unless your DJ is also MCing, you appoint a friend or family member. This friend is already familiar with everyone and know many people at the function. They might even have some great jokes about the newly married couple. During introductions, the MC will also make an orientation speech about where toilets are, smoking area, alcohol boundaries etc. Please make sure they orient themselves prior to the event.

An MC’s responsibility is to introduce each aspect of your wedding. Please provide them a running sheet to refer to. Their most important times are:

– The introductions (orientation/house-keeping) and the bridal party entrance (done in pairs)
– Introducing first set of speeches (After entrees: parents/ best man/ maid of honor)
– Introducing the second set of speeches (After mains: bride and groom speeches, cake cutting and first dance)
– Opening the dance floor after first dance (father daughter dance, mother son dance, bridal party dance, all guests)
– Announcing bouquet toss
– Announcing end of night farewell circle

In House Extras

We offer a range of extras for weddings in order that you have a great experience.

The Chalet is licensed until 1.00am on Fridays and Saturdays and 11.00pm all other days of the week. To extend your reception time it is $8 per person per half hour.

Other extras to add to your package include:

– Chair Cushions
– Antipasto Platter
– Cheese Platter
– Extra Outdoor Ceremony Chairs (We can get more outdoor chairs from our supplier who charge about $7-8 a chair for every chair over 26 guests plus delivery charges)
– Marquees and Market Umbrellas
– Outdoor Heaters
– Security Staff


1. Your parents or grandparents may have some old family traditions you aren’t yet aware of – talk to them about your wedding day.

2. When picking your wedding dress, make sure you can sit in it comfortably. Perhaps a lace up instead of zips or button ups so it can be loosened when you sit down. Also, make sure you are able to comfortably walk in your wedding shoes. If not, make sure to bring comfortable flats to dance in.

3. We always recommend that florists and the cake arrive on the day. This is so it is fresh and the supplier can guarantee a successful delivery and setup.

4. If you are getting extra lighting, please ask them to arrange with us a time to look at the venue so they can design their lighting rigs to the room as well as check for any electrical issues.

5. Create a basket of toiletries for the female toilets. This little courtesy helps your guests feel more comfortable and can act as an emergency kit if something goes wrong with their makeup.

6. Chauffeurs are an important part of making sure your day is started and ended on a high. Please give them clear instructions on drop off and pick up times.

8. Every wedding needs a first dance. It is totally up to the couple the style they want to dance, from a traditional waltz to an upbeat jitterbug. Whatever style you choose, it may be a good idea to practice the dance in your wedding shoes.

9. The girls may prefer flip-flops to dance in rather than high heels – you may want to provide a basket of flip-flops of various sizes

10. Although Wattle Park is one of the safest community parks in Victoria, it is still a public park and we cannot accept the responsibility for the damage or theft of any items outside or inside of the Chalet. So please keep your belonging safe.

11. The Chalet has a strict RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) policy and zero tolerance towards rowdy or unruly behaviour. For happy guests, we can help organise a taxi for them so they can leave safely. Our free carpark is open 24 hours so they can pick up their car anytime they like the following day. Any damage to the Chalet caused by guests during your event is your responsibility as the hirer of the venue. The Wattle Park Chalet aims to make sure your event is a joyous and fun time but also a safe one.

11. Any food or drink provided by the Wattle Park Chalet must not leave the premises. Leftover BYO items such as cake can be taken back by the couples and their family at the end of the night.

12. In the event of illness or injury (heat stroke, dizziness etc), Box Hill Hospital is a 7 minute drive from the Wattle Park Chalet. Please inform your event manager if anyone needs an ambulance.

13. Wattle Park is frequently patrolled by Parks Victoria Rangers, Security Guards and Police. Please enquire with us if you’d like private security for your function. This will incur costs.

External Suppliers

External suppliers can offer you something truly unique.

– Giant LOVE Letters
– Wooden Garden Games
– Lolly Buffet
– Ice Cream Machine
– Gelato Cart
– Alcoholic Slushy Machine
– Photobooth

Here are some we have worked with in the past. Make sure you do your homework on your suppliers for past reviews and experience.

Celebrant: Julia’s Celebrancy Services, Charis White Celebrant, Ritchie Hewett, Mike Larkin

Invitations: Invitations etc

Planning: Full Circle Events Group

Decorations and lights: Shanahan Event Hire

Raised Staging and parquetry dance floors: Harts party hire

Specialty sash colours and Centrepieces: Balwyn events, Shanahan Event Hire

Wedding Cake: House of Elegant Cakes, Nikos Cakes, Cake Passion

Rolls Royce and Bentley and Mercedes Chauffeur: Always Classic Cars

Limousine Chauffeur: Enrik Limousines, Always Cruzin Limousines, CBD Limousines

Jaguar Chauffeur: Jag Jaunts

Kombi: Hire a Kombi, Kombi Love

DJ: Bruce Harrison, Le Grand Style Weddings, Mercury DJ Hire

Musician/ Bands: Baker Boys Band, Ivory Junction, Inkasounds, Pianist- Ben Martin

Photography: Doux Wedding Corp, Oy Photography, Andy Vo Photography, Kerryn Lee Photography, Kristof Photography

Videography: Purple Ribbon Weddings, Steven Beck Media, Stu Art Video Productions, Orchid Studio, Wedding Movies, ATEIA Photography and Video

Photobooth: Doux Wedding Corp, Vintage Photobooth, In the Booth

Accommodation: Quest Apartments Mont Albert, Hotel Windsor, Langham Hotel, Crown Hotels