Spring @ Wattle Park Chalet

Wattle Park Chalet is not one to nestle quietly in  the background of this wonderful Park setting.

Its nearly Century old Bones command the attention of all that pass by her (gender quality aside). The Chalet is Grand although she does have a Delicate Virtue at times.

Everyday multitudes of birds of a fabulous variety are the ones that nestle in the bountiful nature of the trees and bushes. Spring is sneaking up and the birds rejoice with their calling and singing to each other, flitting from one tree to another.

The many people who use Wattle Park, walk, jogging, playing Tennis or Golf while Children play in the playground. Families spending some of their weekend at the public BBQ Area.

Yes the Chalet is Grand as it hosts Weddings, Birthdays, Conferences and Cocktail Parties. For its at this time the Chalet is seen in all its splendour, dizzy with  the sound of laughter, full to the brim with energy, happy and alive with the purpose for which it was built.


                                                                               The Purpose of Entertaining


Kathy Casey

Operations Manager


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