Tash & Sid’s Wattle Park Chalet Wedding Reception

The first thing I noticed about Tash and Sid at their wedding reception was their electric chemistry. Their honeymoon-glow, despite being together for almost ten years, melted all of our hearts. I wasn’t surprised when I was told that they had been introduced to each other in university by a mutual friend and after a dinner that was only supposed to last a couple of hours, they went for a walk around the city that lasted the entire night. They simply couldn’t get enough of each other then, and it seemed that they were still madly in love with each other today.

Their first dance was the most memorable part of the wedding reception. They danced to Michael Bublé’s “Feeling Good”. The dramatic song was the perfect choice for this dynamic couple, and it was a great representation of their excitement for their new life together as a married pair. Their perfectly choreographed dance, with plenty of twirls and dips, so confidently performed, captivated their guests. Every time they struck a pose, we could see how proud they were of the relationship they had built together. “Is there anything this power couple can’t do?” said the MC as the couple was showered with applause, and we all wondered with awe, how two people could be so powerful together.

After their first dance, their families joined them on the dance floor. Natasha’s family impressed us all with their fluent ballroom dancing. Then their friends, full of energy, took the floor. By the time the night came to an end, everyone was on the floor dancing and singing. Just like everything else about Natasha and Sith, their wedding reception was absolutely perfect.

By Nana Shiraishi

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