Choosing a band for your wedding reception is a big decision – so here are our top wedding bands. Sure, it is not the biggest decision you will ever make, but a big decision nonetheless. It is a decision that could potentially turn a great wedding reception into an even better evening. The following bands will make sure that yours is as good a night as it can be – they are our top 5 wedding bands Melbourne.

1) Baker Boys
They are a 3 to 14-piece band, and not all boys, that specialises in high energy music not only for weddings, but also private functions, corporate events, festivals and anything else. They claim to have a “cooler-than-average” song list that focuses solely on bringing people out onto the dance floor. They play anything from rock, to dance, to jazz to funk and Motown, and old time favourites. They are definitely one of our top wedding bands.

2) Paris by Night
This amazing group of musicians specialises in quality live entertainment. They play everything from the old-time classics to the latest dancefloor hits and promises to rock your function. They are, without a doubt, one of the most sought after, and one of our top wedding bands.

3) Heat Wave
Heat wave is made of 6 band members with the rhythm section comprising of drums, bass, keyboard and guitar. The band has both male and female vocalists who are amongst the best in Melbourne. They can play any kind of music, from jazz tunes to party music. Hence they make the list of one of our top wedding bands.

4) The Bombastics
These guys have played at many weddings that have taken place at the Chalet over the years. They claim to make every bride and groom’s reception the dream party they have always imagined, and we have never seen them disappoint. They play a range of genres including pop, rock, soul and disco.

5) Orlando Jazz
Orlando Jazz is a specialist wedding band – they claim to have played at over 500 weddings since coming together. They do anything from an acoustic trio to heir quintet for swing and soul dance material. They have the experience to create an atmosphere of sophistication and romance on your wedding day. They are not a cover band but don’t be fooled into thinking they may be too laid back, their tunes are very very danceable.


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