Winter Wedding Wattle Park Chalet Melbourne

It’s a Beautiful morning at the Chalet and Yang and CJ’s Wedding in the afternoon is all set and looking Sunny.

But one never can rely on the weather can they!

Your heart starts to sink when the clouds form and rain drops start to patter as the time draws closer for the Ceremony to start.

The Grand Hall has taken on a stunning look with the Tables dressed with Crockery and Wine glasses and Candelabras wrapped in fresh Ivy, Roses adorn each Napkin along with small pots of thankyou Honey and Menu. The Grand Hall looks fabulous.

Staff at Wattle Park Chalet set up a contingency plan of setting up the Grand hall for an indoor Ceremony in the event of the inclement weather that appears to be trying to spoil the outdoor Ceremony.

However, the weather cannot spoil the Ceremony. The obvious admiration and Love the couple share leap pass Mother Nature and the Ceremony/Reception carry on regardless.

Then as the day sneaks into evening, photos are completed, food is served. Then the main lights are dimmed, and soft Hue of the fairy lights add another dimension to the Hall as Speeches and stories are told, in the background music plays gently. (the groom asked” that all attending should help him if he has a problem with his wife.”) and laughter rings threw the Hall.

With the formalities out of the way, The Bride and Groom start off the dancing with a Tango.

The DJ then plays a crowd-pleasing song and the dance floor becomes full of people, which continues until the Farewells begin with guests starting to depart.

Wattle Park Chalet would like to Thank Fiona and CJ for choosing Wattle Park Chalet as their Wedding Venue of Choice and a future that even with some clouds the Sun will always shine through.


Kathy Casey

Operations Manager



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