Best Theme Ideas For Your Wedding in 2021

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One of the most challenging tasks every soon-to-be-married couple face when planning a wedding is deciding on the theme. For one, it is a crucial factor since it will set the overall mood of the event and will reflect your personality as a pair. Also, a set of factors depend on this, which are the wedding venue, set design, and wedding, among others. Once you picked a theme, you would be able to finally move forward to the rest of your plan. Hence, it is important to choose a final one early on so that wedding planning can run smoothly for you. Before that, however, every couple must consider some important factors:

● The Season
Every season has its own ambience and gives off its own colour. Make sure that the theme you will choose agrees with these, especially if you are planning to go for a seasonal one. A flowery and botanical wedding will fit the summer vibe while an outdoor or beach one will fall best in the summer. An outdoor one would be great in the fall, too, but colours of red and orange will demand to be added to enhance the vibe. For winter, a blue-and-white indoor wedding will definitely make the holidays vibe felt by your guests.

The Wedding Budget
Sticking to your budget is a must. This can be done by being realistic with how you want your wedding to turn out. Managing your wedding funds will save you from avoidable repercussions such as compromising the quality of a factor on your wedding or worse, falling into debt.

Another catch with deciding on a theme is the myriad of choices you have. To help you with that, we trimmed down the list with the best of the best and trendiest ones!

Beyond Black-and-White
Black-and-white weddings have become a trend. However, after such a depressing past year, more brides and grooms are opting for more fun and a more colourful vibe. This theme is perfect for couples who want to hold their event in the spring as a lot of flowers are blooming and radiating their colours. Perfect for the lush and lavish effect, isn’t it?

Wedding decorations would fit best if these are in Pantone’s colours of the year. For summer, the combination of red and orange is perfect in accentuating the warm atmosphere. Those who will celebrate in the fall will probably benefit from choosing strong and deep tones that match the season such as burgundy or forest green.

Couples who love to reminisce the periods before the pandemic can intensify their liking by adapting a vintage theme to their wedding. It is only fitting that couples use old familial finds such as grandparents’ jewellery and watches as well as wedding attires. An upside to this is cutting costs. Also, couples can go for themes inspired by ancient cultures or by specific decades.

The Coronavirus restrictions prevented us from exploring the world for months. It is only understandable that couples who love to travel will hold their nuptials in far off destinations. With us being accustomed to social distancing, having a smaller guest list is feasible, which is likely on travel-themed weddings. Take your decent party near the beach, the mountains, or the tropics. Else, if you want to see glaciers or be surrounded by giraffes, pursue them. The choice is yours, but make sure your attires and decor match the setting.

Eco-conscious weddings have been gaining popularity for the past half-decade. However, instead of only utilizing eco-friendly products or re-using those that can be, couples have started to make use of organic and green decorations as well. These efforts may seem simple but in reality, these make a huge impact on the earth, especially because this is a way of encouraging your guests to do the same.

More and more people are accepting the concept of modernity into their daily lives. For couples who fall into that group, a modern glam-themed wedding would be irresistible. In line with this, pick a venue with a neutral base for easy styling. To add life, decorate it with geometric and metallic props. Fitting colours include gold, silver, and rose gold.

Have you chosen a theme yet? If you are still looking for a good venue, check out Wattle Park Chalet. The Chalet will diligently host your wedding regardless of the theme and whether it is an outdoor or indoor one. Rest assured that you will enjoy a great affair from the first contact till of the event.

After deciding on a theme, you can focus your attention on other wedding agendas such as getting your attire made, having your stationeries designed, or booking for your bridal party’s hair and makeup. InStyle Hair For Brides offers impeccable hair and makeup coverage that will definitely fit your chosen wedding theme. Not only do we guarantee that it will last all day, but we also promise that at any angle, you would feel and look your best, which will reflect on your wedding photographs!

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