Celebrations@ Wattle Park Chalet

Wattle Park Chalet has has the pleasure of hosting many Celebrations. While Weddings are High on the lists of Events that are held here they are not all that happens within.

One of our Celebrations was a Babies 100 days, not being familiar with this Chinese Tradition , I asked Aunty Google  and as it transpires there’s a few versions of the reason or Tradition behind this, however  the common denominator is that Mother and child are considered to be  at their most vulnerable to the elements and advised to stay indoors to avoid  any illnesses. When the 100 days are up Party time for all friends and family and I can say that with out a word of a lie, that its exactly what the they do, Celebrate with much Joy and happiness .

Recently Wattle Park Chalet hosted a 7oth Birthday Party, and while it wasn’t a dance on the table affair,( thank goodness I would fear that all manner of things could happen, but you could see the humour if it did happen) The party was an acknowledgement to this persons achievements, his standing in the community , the humble and rather shy receiving of  compliments bestowed.

Mad Hatters, Big Swing Bands (brilliant) Children’s Birthdays are some that have had the walls of this Chalet entertained.

The Chalet has graced many a Celebration of learning, where Diplomas and Degrees are given for the years spent on Education, Conferences and Fund Raisers , also Celebrations of Life.

And Now we have Christmas Celebrations, where all come and enjoy the ambience of the Chalet, Christmas Parties for small Businesses and Corporations, Colleges and Universities.

The Beauty about Wattle Park Chalet is that it lends itself to any and every occasion, no one Celebration is like the next or the one before.

And here is the the Icing on the Cake, you will leave this fine place will a smile of a day or night well enjoyed.

Welcome to the Chalet

Kathy Casey

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