Alison and Shane’s Melbourne Wedding

The night was young as the beautiful couple made their love official in the Chalet’s own private garden.  It was a beautiful summer evening, perfect for a Melbourne Wedding, and had everyone in a festive mood and the gorgeous bride was not short for admirers with guest after guest coming up to congratulate her and to admire her gorgeous wedding gown. Just after the group photo, drinks and canapes were taken all around with everyone eagerly digging into the delicious finger foods. It was a very warm , fuzzy, friendly crowd and it was lovely to see how happy everyone was for the newly wedded couple.

There were several games provided for the night, and they were soon a crowd favourite. Giant Jenga in particular was always seen with a small army of spectators reveling in the spectacle and trying to trick others into knocking down the tower. While they were all very enthusiastic their talent was much more questionable and definitely not obvious.

Soon after what must’ve be the 50th time the blocks fell over the guests came inside to, amongst other things, enjoy the speeches. Enjoy them they did with laughter and red embarrassed faces from the couple as their friends let everyone re-live several of the more entertaining stories of their relationship. The best man in particular had one especially embarrassed groom and 130 people in hysterics.

Following this the band began to play and they soon had everyone up and dancing. The band was called the choir monkeys and I have to admit they were very impressive. The guests loved them too and were always requesting to hear their favourite songs. The choir monkeys played classic after classic and even had the staff out dancing at one stage. One of the highlights of the night was undoubtedly the first dance of the new couple. Done a bit later in the night than usual, they still had everyone’s attention and applause. Following this the amazing cake was taken around and definitely got the reception it deserved with almost every last piece disappearing within minutes of it being offered. Guests asked for the seconds and then thirds of the cake before they proceeded to dance it off  as the Choir Monkeys continued to play.

They played until the wee hours of the night and had a special send-off reserved for the beautiful couple.

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