Wedding Themes @ Wattle Park

Weddings can be simple,

Weddings can be nice.

Some are set in pretty settings,

Some are themed with Ice.

I’ve seen themes that are all floral,

Pink lions dancing all about the floor,

Mad Hatters party outfits,

falling through the Doors.

Indian Cultural Themes,

bright colours that squint your eyes.

Lebanese drummers and dancers,

that somehow appear to fly.

Lego has to be a favourite,

blocks on every table spread,

The Lego Cake was stunning,

Turned more than one head.

So when it comes to Wedding Themes,

imagination has no lines.

Just go with what you want to do,

And have a jolly good time.

  For it really is about your day,

to do as you feel fit.

To have a Wedding of a life time,

The Theme is it is your gift.


Kathy Casey



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