Brook & Duncan September Wedding @ Wattle Park Chalet

Your Wedding Day

If the day outside seemed less than bright,

the Wattle Park Birds sang to keep keep it light.

If the Trees above bowed deep with the wind,

the leaves rustled to the trees soul within.

Noted were the side glance looks,

your Wedding Day should be a story in Fairy Tale Books.

The pleasure was ours to host this beautiful event,

Yes there were seen a few tears spent.

Who could not feel happiness to watch this couple glow,

from this day on wards through many things you both will grow.

Kathy Casey

Words From I Ching

When two people are one with their Inmost Hearts,

They shatter the strength of Iron or of bronze.

And when two people understand each other in their Inmost Hearts,

Their words are sweet & strong like the fragrance of Jasmine.


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