“I Love You”@ Weddings Wattle Park Chalet

Speeches on Wedding Days can be Humorous, Enlightening, packed with with stories of those who have just got Married.

Wedding Days are also quite intense for Family members but none more so than the Parents of the Bride & Groom.

The Speeches are none more poignant than those words that come straight from the heart of their Parents.

Stories that make your heart melt as a father hands his daughter over the next most important person in her life(her husband), humorous words of Wisdom on how to look after his daughter.

A fathers reminiscing moments of introduction on how Fishing is a patient Job. Beer in one hand and the fishing rod in the other. In a fathers words, you hear the Pride he has for his Child.

Mothers tell how her daughter would play Bride in her Wedding Gown in the Mirror, chattering about how she will look on the day day so special to her heart and now that day has arrived.

A mother who tells of how her son likes his socks packed neatly away in his draws, while the rest of his wardrobe awaits to be collected from under his bed to be washed.(“sigh” A mothers job) and when he was but a tot he wanted his his Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce(not pasta sauce) and have cut up cheerios (wee sausages) instead of meatballs, and Yes he still does to this day!!

Her Eyes Glisten in remembering!

And while these antidotes touch on how wonderful these two people are, there never is a speech that hasn’t concluded on an emotional note.

The struggle to get these last words out.

Those last words that make them tremble.

Those last words that leave their lips in a quiver.

Those Beautiful Heart felt Words.


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