Wedding Seasons @ Wattle Park Chalet Melbourne

Choosing the Season to get Married in can be quite a daunting decision. Most couples would like to Marry in the summer when they think that the weather is more favourable to a out door Ceremony.

However when summer has arrived , there is work holidays, Christmas , people going on Holidays so trying to find the happy medium in summer with the great weather can have its Hiccups. It can be done though,  at the beginning and near the end of Summer, be quick those dates are the first to go.

My favourite Season would be spring, as long as you don’t get hay fever its perfect with the budding of flowers, The trees dressing up in their green finery or blossoms. The air is filled with various bouquets. You get that sense of new Beginnings and a Wedding is certainly a beginning of a new path for couples.

Autumn has its dressing down of Fauna and Flora, but some of the trees are glorious in their leaves turning amazing shades of copper and reds. However Autumn has its beauty in the Air, when the Heat is no longer tiring, you feel a different but vibrant refreshing energy in the Air.

Winter, Ahhhhhhhhhh, if you live in the snowy Areas of the world a Winter Wedding can be breath taking in its white sparkling finery, The warmth of glowing fires come to mind in big lodges that can cater to this. Unfortunately¬† not all countries have access to that dreamy thought. But do not rule winter out. If your choice of venue can accommodate a indoor Ceremony, where guests don’t have to leave to go to the reception Venue , making your Dream day special, I suggest to look at Winter. This is where you can be more imaginative about your day.

Wattle Park Chalet is so fortunate to be in a Parkland, and the has the ability to turn herself to the needs and dreams of her Guests.

It doesn’t matter about the seasons, The Chalet will cloak herself in her Seasonal Finery and allow you to Enjoy.

Kathy Casey



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